Carl Perry and Michael Stidham founded EZ Treat in the year 2000. Carl Perry has been working to improve the wastewater industry since the 1970’s. He is recognized for contributions to the industry including developing the Bull Run Valve, the Dial a Flow and many industry related patents ever since.

EZ Treat – based in Catlett, VA, manufactures wastewater products holding NSF certifications 40, 245, 350.  We also provide engineering support to address the onsite wastewater needs of the residential and commercial markets. Our decentralized wastewater systems provide environmentally sustainable, cost effective, reliable, low maintenance solutions to homes and businesses around the world.

Since our founding we remain an innovator in the onsite wastewater industry. Our products and services are industry-leading, and include a portfolio that has been developed in collaboration with engineers, environmental health departments, land developers, property owners, contractors, and operators. We combine this experience to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique wastewater needs. We now have systems providing clean water throughout the world.

Together, we’re helping keep the Earth’s water clean. 

We promote Decentralized and Ecologically Sound Solutions

Our products provide advanced secondary treatment to protect and prolong your wastewater systems. Every aspect of a project’s design and installation is rigorously vetted with state, local and federal environmental regulations to insure/guarantee success of your project.  Our products are so efficient that some regulatory agencies reduce the required drainfield size, reduce vertical and horizontal setbacks, and even eliminate the need for a reserve drain field.

Over 20 Years of Expertise

We manufacture products listed under NSF certifications 40, 245, 350.  We also provide engineering support and offer training to the wastewater industry.