EZ Treat Provides Water Reuse for Large Hydroponic Greenhouse in North Carolina

EZ Treat provides Wastewater Reuse for Large Hydroponic Horticultural Greenhouse in North Carolina, efficiently processing 9000 gallons per day (gpd).
EZ Treat Provides 9000 gallons per day of Water Reuse in Hydroponic Horticulture Facility in North Carolina

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EZ Treat’s impact on hydroponics water management is nothing short of revolutionary, thanks to their innovative NSF 350 reuse system. Situated in North Carolina, EZ Treat forged a vital partnership with a large 850-employee hydroponic greenhouse facility.

At the heart of EZ Treat’s contribution is their cutting-edge wastewater processing system. This advanced technology operates with exceptional efficiency, enabling the greenhouse to recycle a substantial 9000 gallons of water per day (gpd). This capability addresses a critical need in hydroponics, where water consumption is substantial.

The collaboration between EZ Treat and the North Carolina hydroponic facility signifies a significant leap forward in sustainable water management practices. By dramatically reducing water waste and promoting closed-loop water utilization, they’ve established a practical model for the broader industry.

This partnership holds particular significance in the context of today’s environmental challenges. EZ Treat’s NSF 350 reuse system showcases the potential of innovative solutions in driving sustainability.