Ohio Elementary School Treatment System Solves Wastewater Need

EZ Treat provides wastewater solutions for two NE Ohio Elementary Schools
Big EZ 4L installed at Riverview Elementary School

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“The simple design of the system provides a quality effluent with few moving parts. We routinely get very clear effluent from the second recirculation filter. There are minimal adjustments to be made, which result in easy management. Regular maintenance includes checking and cleaning nozzles as needed and occasionally pulling the pumps.”

— Todd Frank


Two new elementary school buildings in North East Ohio were being built in an area that had no access to centralized sewer. Each school educates up to 625 students with 40 employees in a state-of-the-art educational setting. Typically, schools are known for high concentrations of Ammonia and if food is prepared on site, high BOD can also be a constituent to mitigate.


Consultants and engineers designed two individual 6,000 gallon per day decentralized wastewater treatment systems. One for each school that each incorporated two 5,000 gallons per day primary tanks, a 3,000 gpd flow equalization tank with dual pumps followed by two 3,000-gallon recirculation tanks with two EZ Treat 4L synthetic recirculating media filters at each school to treat the water prior to dispersal to both a drip and elevated drip mound system. Effluent requirements prior to dispersal were 30 TSS/40 BOD.


Todd Frank_Tim Frank Septic_O&M Provider

Todd Frank_Tim Frank Septic_O&M Provider

The EZ Treat system has been in operation for over three years consistently treating the wastewater prior to dispersal, thus protecting the receiving systems, soils, water table and surrounding environment. Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Company has been maintaining the EZ Treat system since startup ensuring consistent annual operations and effluent quality. For more information, please contact us.