Our Products

E-Z POD Product Line Comparative Diagram

Our portfolio includes Recirculating Synthetic Media Filter systems, drip irrigation technologies, and Ultra Violet Disinfection Units. All components that we use offer the longest service life and the highest quality on the market, manufactured with long-lasting, non-corrodible materials. Our scalable products are designed to provide our customers with long-lasting, decentralized wastewater treatment solutions.

Our NSF certified 40, 245 and 350 wastewater treatment products have numerous applications to include – individual homes, multi family dwellings, subdivisions, STEP/STEG systems, RV parks, wineries, breweries, and numerous other commercial applications. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality components resulting in industry leading treatment and the longest life cycle.

How It Works

Septic tank-treated effluent flows to the E-Z Treat Re-circulating Synthetic Filter where it receives passive biochemical treatment through an active biofilm matrix. The styrene media is very uniform providing ample surface area for biological growth. The styrene media contains many voids to accommodate optimum air and liquid flow.

The re-circulation chamber contains a bypass valve and recirculation pump. The bypass connects to the 4” return line from the E-Z Treat Pod. The by-pass valve allows the effluent to be continually re-circulated through the styrene media. Treated effluent exits the bypass valve and flows to many dispersal options. Options include; gravity drainfield, LPP (low pressure pipe) drip irrigation (surface or subsurface), surface discharge, spray irrigation, direct discharge. Effluent is suitable for reuse (based upon state and local regulation). UV disinfection may be required.

Forward Flow Capacity per Unit (GPD)